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I started using Emacs lately, and I'm absolutely loving it. One thing i do miss is having Vim modal editing mode, thus I thought of using Viper or Evil. One thing that always bothered me is having 2 keys to move in and out of normal mode, and then it struck me one sunny day - why not use only ONE to toggle between them?!

I would like to have CapsLock toggle between states - start Emacs in edit mode (CapsLock is inactive), and whenever the CapsLock is active have Emacs move to normal mode.

It can obviously be borrowed for every key-press available in the keyboard, and it's just that CapsLock is rather useless for me specifically anyway, but very accessible.

Any ideas how to implement this? It doesn't have to specifically be configuration within Emacs, but can be global, OS-wise, configuration (although the 1st if preferable by far, since I often cross-platform). I'm using Ubuntu Linux, if that's the case.

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