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I am attempting to setup automatic logon for a windows 7 kiosk computer via the registry. I have set the values under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon like this:

AutoAdminLogon = 1
ForceAutoLogon = 1
DisableCAD = 1

I have filled out the username and password fields. I have also deleted all EULA related values (a prerequisite of ForceAutoLogon)

I have done this procedure on 2 computers.

On computer A: When rebooting, we logon automatically. When logging out from the start menu, we logon automatically immediately after logging out.

On computer B: When rebooting, we logon automatically. When logging out from the start menu, we are presented with a logon menu where the user needs to click a user name & then enter a password.

It seems like the value of ForceAutoLogon requires some other prerequisite that is met on computer A, but not on computer B.

What do I need to make computer B act like computer A when clicking the log off button from the windows start menu?

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A diff of the two registries using Regshot yielded the answer. Machine B had a group policy set that runs a script on logoff which contained instructions to disable the AutoAdminLogon registry key.

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