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Based on this I have an option to quick format the drive.

However, when I create a volume with options of "create an encrypted file container", I don't see any way that I can choose "quick format". In the regular format procedure, I have to wait hours before it can finish the format.

Can someone know a workaround?

Thank you

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You can start the TrueCrypt volume creation and then end the process. You will have a container that has enough setup to begin use.

1: Start the volume formatting. Allow it to run for a few seconds.

2: Open the Task Manager and kill off the TrueCrypt Format process.

Taskmanager - look for 'TrueCrypt Format.exe'

3: Mount the newly created TrueCrypt volume and format it with the OS.

enter image description here

I am assuming that the process is named similar in OSX and Linux and the file creation and data seeding should be the same - I have not tested this under OSX or Linux.

*The container will not be the most secure as it has not been seeded with random data. You can however begin using it as you have successfully bypassed the formatting.

BTW TrueCrypt is alive and well:

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From the documentation that you linked:

Note that Quick Format can only be enabled when encrypting partitions/devices.

You can't "quick format" a file-hosted Truecrypt volume; this has no meaning. The container file must be created in its entirety before you can use it.

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Actually you can. The developers just never added it as an option. – jharrell Sep 7 '14 at 2:25

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