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I use Firefox 13 in OS X. I can not clear my URL history after doing the following:

  1. Running Click & Clean add-on for Firefox
  2. Tools » Clear Recent History
  3. OnyX for OS X, cleaning all Internet data
  4. Reset Firefox itself through Help » Troubleshooting Information
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Do you still see your history when going to History » Show all history, or does it still autocomplete URLs in the address bar when you enter them? – slhck Oct 14 '12 at 11:45
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You can try creating a new empty profile by opening Applications/ and pasting:

/Applications/ -profilemanager

Here, click Create Profile, enter a new profile name, then click Start Firefox to start with your new profile selected.

You can also delete your old profile – probably called Default – from the list if you want. Note that this will remove all of your data including history, saved passwords, add-ons, et cetera.

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I tried /Applications/ -Default for deleting old profile . it is not working. – Muthu Muthu Oct 14 '12 at 12:05

Try CCleaner for Mac and make sure everything is checked under Applications tab / Firefox:

enter image description here

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