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I have a mic plugged into my computer, and I was able to use the "microphone effects" tab here to enable/disable noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation.

Noise suppression off and acoustic echo cancellation on were the most recent settings I had on before the problem occurred. I disabled my mic in the windows 7 "recording devices" tab, then re-enabled it. When it came back, these options were grayed out, and remained so even after a reboot.

I am not sure why this is or how to fix it, all other options are still the same (Settings are identical to when it was working). Any ideas whats wrong or how to fix it?

edit: can't post image due to being new.

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Since it was so hard to come by a solution and this still has not been answered, I decided to drop my solution here.

The microphone effects seem to depend on rather low recording quality. I changed from studio quality down to DVD quality within Realtek HD Manager and the options became available once more. The only downside of course is that your voice will sound rather bad compared to the previous higher quality.

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