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I am wondering how to type square brackets into VirtualBox (Guest OS is CentOS 6.3) on a Mac.

I know it's AltShift5 on the Host OS, but it doesn't work in VirtualBox for some reason.

I use be layout for CentOS, keytable being equal to be-latin1 and my host uses Belgian AZERTY.

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Maybe there are some helpful tips on this wiki page to help you further? – Henrik Söderlund Dec 1 '12 at 2:48

Since the layout on MacOS and Windows (and other OS) differs a bit.

On Windows/Linux the Belgian AZERTY-layout puts [ and ] on the two keys on the right side next to P.

Based on what you say, Apple uses the French layout for there Belgian layout...

So try AltShift^ for [ and AltShift$ for ].

Hope this helps! /marcus


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