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I installed notepad++ on my linux using wine. I ran it after installation and it worked fine. I want to keep using npp but i cannot find it anywhere in my files. It was installed in a virtual C drive created by wine. I cant seem to figure out how to open wine either.

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You don't "open" Wine per se: Wine creates entries on the Applications menu of your desktop environment.

Otherwise, you can use a terminal to cd to ~/.wine/drive_c/ and try to find Notepad++ there (probably it will be under Program Files/Notepad++). Then you can launch app using wine exe_name.exe.

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thanks I will try it out soon – Xitcod13 Oct 14 '12 at 22:06
sry for nagging but i have no idea how to get to ~/.wine/drive_c/. I could definitely find my way from there. Do you know how to find out where that directory is? – Xitcod13 Oct 15 '12 at 7:45
~ means your home directory (try this out by typing cd ~ in a terminal then hitting tab). Files/folders starting with . are hidden by default, so if you're navigating by the file manager you'll need to turn on 'show hidden files'. Or you can get there in a terminal just by typing cd ~/.wine/drive_c/. – jam Oct 15 '12 at 10:21

Wine is not a graphical application, therefore you cannot "open" it. You can access most of its settings via winecfg though.

What wine describes as it's virtual C: drive is set in this application, and is by default located at ~/.wine/drive_c

Running applications in wine is often not the way to go though, especially when equivalent, or (often) better, native applications exist. There's a question on this here.

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