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I have a problem where Ubuntu is shutting down immediately after restarting from Hibernate. I want to boot without Hibernating. Can I use grub options/commands to set it to ignore the Hibernate image for the next boot?

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The kernel will ignore the resume partition used to restart from hibernate if you pass it the 'noresume' option at boot. Pass this as a kernel option at the grub bootloader. See here and here.

For a more permanent solution, you can append this option to your default boot image so it never looks to resume from a hibernate image.

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I tried the noresume option. I'm not sure if I actually used it correctly but the boot behaviour was different. This allowed me to do an CTRL-ALT-F2, get a terminal, login and shutdown.

A colourful menu appeared and I selected boot. I booted and then restarted again from login screen.

All seems OK now.

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