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I am trying the Emacs MULE ITRANS input method to enter Devanagari unicode text. I am looking to enter a key sequence for Devanagari letter "Half-R" (ऱ्) i.e. U0931 U094d (which should be mapped to R according to the ITRANS Wikipedia page). While all other keys in the map work fine, this particular one does not!

I know I can use M-x ucs-insert (or CTRL-x-8 RET) to enter this sequence, but it is getting tiresome. How do I fix this problem ?

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To type ऱ्य

+ + +

R + Nukta + Half + Viram (Halanta) + Y (or next letter)

Typing in Devanagari Inscript

J + ] + d + /

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I not sure if I am missing some thing obvious..

but its just r to insert र्. BTW you can ask emacs itself about the input system.. M-x describe-input-method

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This is half-R. It is typically used in marathi language commonly followed by 'y'. e.g. ऱ्या . This should be actually mapped to 'R' key, but it seems like this is a bug and it is not. M-x describe-input-method does not list this key at all. – journeyer Oct 10 '12 at 16:58

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