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A few months ago while writing a paper, I copied some paragraphs created in one computer to a different computer. I guess the formatting was different. Please see the following image:

enter image description here

I noticed that a strange formatting has also been imported. I thought it would go away when I select all and choose a format. But the problem did not go away. Now, when I am trying to finish the paper, the weird formatting still remains. Does anyone have any solution?

Also, how to make sure that when we copy something from a file with different Styles, we retain the destination style definitions?


I would prefer a solution where I do not have to re-do the formatting manually.

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The best solution I can think of without testing it myself is going to Styles >Clear All and then you can add the formatting and styles back in as per need. But, you said you don't want to redo the formatting. I have a VM up and ther a way I can test it myself? I can for sure get a solution if I get to see your issue on my computer. That way I can play around with it. – Gutsygibbon Oct 15 '12 at 21:02

Convert it to plaintext, restart the program, open the file and convert it back if needed.

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But then I will have to do all formatting manually. – Stat-R Oct 15 '12 at 20:54

Why not use the Format Painter tool to quickly copy the format from the existing text in the doc to the new text pasted in?

enter image description here

Additionally, you can select all instances of text throughout the document with a particular type of formatting, and replace with a different style.

Also, when you copy rich (formatted) text to the clipboard and right-click, you can see different Paste options:

enter image description here

(From Left to Right, these are: Use Destination Theme (H), Keep Source Formatting (K), Merge Formatting (M) and Keep Text Only (T).)

After pasting copied rich text you'll see a small hovering drop-down that again displays various Paste options:

enter image description here

(From Left to Right, these are: Keep Source Formatting (K), Merge Formatting (M), Use Destination Styles (S) and Keep Text Only (T).)

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