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I am using vcprompt to provide me with the git branch and dirtiness status. It returns it as a string.

How can I catch this string in my tcsh prompt setting? I guess I need to put the call to vcprompt somehow in the prompt definition, but I can't find the syntax for that.

Edit: Solution is:

alias precmd "echo -n `vcprompt`"
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In the original C shell, you could simply embed command substitution directly into the prompt variable, which I always thought made more sense. Under tcsh, you have to set up the precmd alias to do it. I'm not familiar with vcprompt but I assume it generates a newline at the end, so you'll probably want to use echo -n to throw away that newline, putting the prompt on the same line as the command, not the line before. Set prompt to whatever you want following; here I'm assuming you'll want a space.

alias precmd echo -n `vcprompt`
set prompt = ' '
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Almost. Had to put quotes around everything after precmd. (And there seems to be no frickin' way to write that command line in a comment here without some markup happening... :( – K.-Michael Aye Oct 26 '12 at 22:41

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