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It seems that the terminal does not recognise CTRL+ALT+2 when typed, so I don't know how to quit the QEMU emulation, or switch to the QEMU control panel.

I am running Mac OSX Lion, and I type

$ qemu-system-arm -M verdex -pflash flash.img -nographic -sd sdcard.img

to start QEMU emulation of an ARM system in the Terminal. I learned from this site that typing CTRL+ALT+2 should work, but the only thing that happens to me, is that a "2" is printed on the command line of the virtual operating system. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Is this a Mac specific issue? (The same problem occurs in both and iTerm2)

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The combination to enter the control panel is ctrl-a * release keys * then; c

Typically written: ctrl-a c

Similarly, to quit: ctrl-a x

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