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In Dired, copying is done like "copy the marked files to somewhere else". Is there a way to do this in the opposite direction?

That is, in the scenario I imagine I would get a question what to copy (path), and it would be copied / symlinked into the current directory. (In a "let's collect all the stuff that's needed to run a command in one place" way, for example.)

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M-x copy-file RET will prompt for the source file, then default to the current directory. You could bind that to a key.

Or, if that's not good enough, let me know and I'll write the command and post it.

Eh, I had some time, so here's the command:

(defun dired-copy-file-here (file)
  (interactive "fCopy file: ")
  (copy-file file default-directory))
(eval-after-load "dired"
  '(define-key dired-mode-map "\M-c" 'dired-copy-file-here))
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thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for! – Latanius Oct 24 '12 at 0:54

As Aurélien mentions, the only advantage you gain from being in a specific Dired buffer seems to be . means "here", so going for a shell cp is almost all you can do.

The other advantage that comes to my mind is, if you have another visible dired buffer (C-x2..), when you move/copy/link from the buffer you're in (from which you select all your files, therefore), emacs gives you some default targets as destinations, which are accessible with the <down> arrow when you're prompted in the minibuffer.

Say you have 2 dired buffers open, ~/here/ and ~/elsewhere/someplace/, then selecting a few files in ~/here/, pressing C in that buffer, then should give you the default option to copy stuff to ~/elsewhere/someplace/. Same for single files, you get the default directory, and the default directory+filename (e.g. ~/here/some long annoying filename you'd like to edit.any~/elsewhere/someplace/some long annoying filename you'd like to edit.any).

Just press again for more defaults.

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yours is not the answer I asked for but the answer I would have asked for if... I knew the answer... never mind, fact is that it seems to be a really good workflow! I also encountered the variable dired-dwim-target, for one less down arrow, might be useful. – Latanius Oct 24 '12 at 1:00

You can do something like


to execute a shell command and then

cp -r what_to_copy(path) ./
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