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I successfully created a batch file to flush my DNS.

I have added a pause, I noticed in the title bar of the console window… It's not running as administrator.

I've already tried a couple of variations of this… Just a little guidance would be most appreciated.

I remember reading a blog somewhere, it said something about capitalization wasn't important… Is camel casing important in writing batch files?

@echo off
runas /user:<Administrator> ipconfig /flushdns
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This has been answered already at:… – Antp Oct 27 '14 at 2:38

The user name must be in one of the following two forms:

If you want to use the Administrator account on your computer, for the /user: parameter, type one of the following:

/user: AdministratorAccountName @ ComputerName
/user: ComputerName \ AdministratorAccountName

The spaces around the "@" and the "\" should not be present - I suspect that they are there to make it easier to read.


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@RandolphWest - I wondered about that, but that's how it's written in the Technnet documentation. – ChrisF Oct 16 '12 at 16:25

Either Press and hold Ctrl+Shift while opening the program or Right click on the program and click on Run as administrator.

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