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My laptop has 8gb of installed ram, when I run a VMWare virtual machine my memory usage increases but I can't find what process/thing is causing this. (I know that it's VMWare ofcourse but why doesn't taskmngr show me that???)

Here are some screenshots i took from Taskmanager:

In the upper screenshot you see a memory usage of 82% where only 437,9mb is for my user. In the other screenshot you see the same details (84% usage now because it was taken a bit later)

Does anyone know how I can view the correct memory usage with all programs / processes that are using it?

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Use Resource Monitor to see detailed memory usage. In Task Manager navigate to Performance tab and click on "Resource Monitor..." at the bottom of the window. In Resource Monitor window navigate to Memory tab. There you'll see four columns: Commit (KB), Working Set (KB), Shareable (KB), Private (KB). Apparently Task Manager Processes tab shows only Private memory usage.

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-1 The VM memory doesn't show up in any of the Resource Monitor columns. ALso, Task Manager can be configured to show the same four columns via the View menu. – Bennett McElwee Feb 20 '14 at 4:02

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