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I performed the following command apt-get remove apache2 but when I type service --status-all apache2 is still up in the list. How can you completely uninstall apache2?

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An apt-get install apache2 will actually install apache2.

To uninstall apache2 you have to use apt-get remove apache2. This will still leave config files behind, though.

To fully uninstall apache2 and remove its config files try apt-get purge apache2.

Before trying each of these, take a look at man apt-get to make sure, that the mentioned commands will do what you want.

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Wow, what a bad typo, I mean I typed apt-get remove apache2 – IMB Oct 16 '12 at 17:26

I had a similar issue and I had to run the following:

apt-get remove apache2-utils
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