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was reviewing an "excel challenge" and found an question that I can obtain an answer with excel 2003+ but not in LibreOffice Calc I'm interested in why the solution doesn't work in Calc but does in Excel. For question 6:


And yes, I understand that it is a CSE formula and entered in the formula with ctrl+shift+enter in both excel and calc. Excel returns a result, Calc returns #DIV/0!.

Saving / reloading the file in xls or ODS has no effect in Calc - and Calc is configured for cells to auto calculate (Tools > Cell Contents > AutoCalculate on) so that isn't the culprit.

Any ideas why?

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Difference is that with LibreOffice, MID(Range2,10,4) returns "text" elements, whereas in Excel the same formula returned as numeric elements.


forces LibreOffic (and Excel) to interpret elements as numeric - and returns the solution.

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