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Before upgrading my laptop to Windows 8 (Professional, from MSDN, which purported to be RTM), I was able to use my computer headset as hands-free audio for my cell phone (HTC HD2, but nothing changed on it). After the upgrade, I can select Dial-Up Networking, PAN, Serial Port, and Telephony profiles, but none of the Audio profiles are available in either direction.

This is an integrated BCM2046 radio, and the driver version is Broadcom

enter image description here

The Broadcom Bluetooth Update recognizes a compatible radio and downloads software, but the install is blocked because Windows 8 says it isn't compatible.

In addition, Windows 8 is supposed to ship with all the required bluetooth profiles for Hands-Free and Bluetooth Audio.

How can I get the audio services working again with my Bluetooth phone?

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Update: Broadcom now has a Bluetooth Update that's compatible with Windows 8. And I now have an Android Jellybean phone. But Windows 8 still isn't letting me use the computer as a headset for the phone. – Ben Voigt Jan 13 '13 at 1:44

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