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CMD + Z in Safari (6.0.1) will re-open the last closed tab. Is there any way to re-open multiple previously closed tabs (as in, say, Chrome)?

A closely related question from 2011: Are there any extensions or tricks to reopen several closed tabs in Safari


Safari is now at 6.0.2: having the ability to re-open multiple closed tabs would still very much improve usability (i.e. not having to go searching the History). Is the answer still "impossible"?

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At the new Safari Version 8.0 (10538.46) from Yosemite beta OS X, the option is still "impossible" as far as I searched =( –  Michel Ayres Aug 15 '14 at 13:00
The answer just changed to possible. –  Jorge Bucaran Jan 26 at 4:28

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I would suggest using the add-on Glims from MacHangout.com

For a more in depth answer, please see the question you referenced and my answer there for that most "closely related" question. I did include in my answer there another suggestion relevant to the discussion spawned from the other (tog22's) answer, but I do think your question is basically the same as the 'original' question asked there.

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Seems a shame to install such a bloated dodgy 'extension' - just to get this one feature that's standard on other browsers. (I'm using Yosemite) –  niico Oct 21 '14 at 23:59

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