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In Chrome, TAB takes you directly from 'omnibox' to search results. This doesn't seem to be the case in Safari (it takes ~12 TABs). Is there any way to remedy this?

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Seems like there is a workaround this (annoying behavior) by hiding the toolbar (you can leave the 'bookmarks bar' visible). But, now the 'iCloud tabs' aren't accessible anymore: is there any other way (besides hiding the toolbar) to achieve the sought after Chrome behavior?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a bug in Safari 6.0.1/8536.26.14: while the Toolbar is otherwise hidden, you do get to see it when opening a new (empty) tab ... and if you then click the 'iCloud tabs' button, you get an unexpected behavior: the drop-down menu does show, but is unresponsive (and sometimes it doesn't show at all).

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