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Does any one know a good free software to make an image(ghost) of a compactflash?

we are developing a software for a computer that uses a compact flash as harddrive and we would like to create a image befor we start installing stuff on it..

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Disk2VHD by Russinovich does wonders for me and on top of the backup you can use the VHD in any virtual player.... –  Darius Mar 29 '13 at 0:07
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Industrial automation equipment use CF cards all the time and we image them all the time. I use B&R's Runtime Utility Center to image and restore bootable CF cards (works 100% of the time). It is installed with their PVI development setup: http://br-automation.com/en/downloads/#categories=software/automation-netpvi

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If you're using unix, dd might be the solution. I think something like

dd if=/dev/YOURDEVICE of=/tmp/IMAGE_OF_YOURDEVICE bs=1024

Might do the trick...

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There are free and/or open source windows programs that will capture an image of flash memory - they are usually used in cases of data recovery. Sarch for flash card recovery software and you'll many software packages that do what you need.

Here is a page of free software for imaging drives:


I've used Drive Image XML before (free for home/personal):

And WinDD (windows version of linux DD - free, open source):

Both work well. WinDD isn't as GUI friendly, but does the job and should work with linux DD images as well.


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I think True Image will do the trick, it's not free but is very good: http://www.acronis.com/

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correct me if im wrong but "True Image" is not free? –  Petoj Mar 2 '09 at 14:50
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