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In Chrome you can open a search-highlighted URL with CTRL + ENTER (and thus obviate the need for using a mouse). How do you do that in Safari (6.0.1)?

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I don't know any way to do that out of the box, but there's some extensions like Type-To-Navigate that allow selecting links by typing.

Keep your hands on the keyboard while browsing the web. Type any text that occurs inside a link, and hit return to follow it. ⌘G jumps to the next link containing the text, and ⌘⇧G jumps to the previous. Hit ESC to cancel or exit a focused field.

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Thank you for the suggestion. It does work in Safari 6, although ⌘G doesn't "jump to the next link", but rather to any old text (containing the search term). Also, is there a way to use this (or other) extension while in the Safari's 'omnibox'? Because this would then solve my other question. – Blaz Oct 17 '12 at 10:26
Besides the extension's issue of (not) searching only links: it also doesn't handle one-digit numbers (useful in a forum pagination). So, there really is no built-in way (as in Chrome) to immediately open the URL in Safari's search-mode? – Blaz Oct 17 '12 at 12:53

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