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How can I rip an audio CD from the command line in Windows?

I've noticed that there are many programs under Linux, but under Windows, all CD rippers are with a graphical interface.

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There's actually quite a few options

I'm personally a huge fan of cuetools, and one of the options it has is the cuetools console ripper - download the cuetools archive, unrar and just run CUETools.ConsoleRipper.exe. The command CUETools.ConsoleRipper.exe --help gives the options

Usage    : CUERipper.exe <options>

-S, --secure             secure mode, read each block twice (default);
-B, --burst              burst (1 pass) mode;
-P, --paranoid           maximum level of error correction;
-D, --drive <letter>     use a specific CD drive, e.g. D: ;
-O, --offset <samples>   use specific drive read offset;
-T, --test               detect read command;
--d8                     force D8h read command;
--be                     force BEh read command;

And it tags using musicbrainz, so its automatic and probably correct.

Another option I see mentioned is CDDA2Wav from cdrtools - this seems to be the place to get windows binaries for it. Not tested by me.

You might also be able to run your favourite linux cli ripper in cygwin.

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