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I am importing data by using .txt file to MS Excel and whole data is imported in ONE ROW. I want to get SUM of those values which corresponds to a particular Month. For Example :- Name Month Total Value Mark Jan 2000 Mark Jan 1500 Mark Feb 2900 Mark Feb 3000

I want to get the TOTAL value in the Month Jan in a particular Cell. Kindly tell me how to proceed. NOTE: Whole data is imported in one ROW only. So the formula should add automatically those values which it finds out on the row.

Thanks Omesh

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Not sure how your data file is formatted, but have you tried importing the data in a more user friendly format to run calculations? For instance, using a delimiter to import which would put the data into columns under the headings Name, Month and Total Value. –  CharlieRB Oct 25 '12 at 11:42

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