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I have amongst my Outlook rules :

  • a rule #1 that move some messages to a folder A
  • a rule #2 that move some messages to a folder B

When an email matches both, one copy goes to folder A, the other to folder B.

I would like everything to go to folder A and nothing to folder B. Because rule #1 is higher in the list and rule #2 is lower, and Outlook says it applies rules sequentially, I thought this would be the case.

I have outlook 2007 on Windows XP SP3.

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When you're editing Rule A, when you're at the select action(s) pane, select "stop processing more rules"

So if Rule A matches, it won't end up doing Rule B

Additionally, in the 'Email Rules' window, make sure that the Rule A rules are before Rule B in the list (you can change the order with the up and down arrows in that windows toolbar)

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