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I have a spreadsheet with several cells in one column. Each cell has identical conditional formatting:

  • In 1 cell value equal to ='Y'
  • In 2 cell value equal to ='N'
  • In 3 cell value equal to ='?'

What I would like to achieve is, if all 7 cells contain "Y" as the option then a separate cell will display "Yes", but if any of the cells contain "N" as the selection then the separate cell will display "NO".

How can I achieve this?

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One more: use the MATCH function: MATCH("N",a1:a7) If the "N" is found on the range a1:a7, it will return a number, otherwise, #N/D

Then use ISNUMBER and IF: =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH("N",a1:a7)));"NO";"YES")

PS: for M$-excel use ';' and in OOffice use ','

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for exact match you should have a zero as third argument in MATCH like =MATCH("N",A1:A7,0) – barry houdini Oct 17 '12 at 17:18

Try using COUNTIF, e.g. if cells are A2:A8 then


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