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I would love to be able to stop using application based email clients and move completely to the web for my email. The problem is the webmail clients for my job suck compared to Gmail. Is there something out there that would act as an imap client for multiple accounts that are a little more intuitive than the standard webmail clients out there?

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My apologies. Did not know that. Will keep that in mind down the road. – Josh Pennington Jul 12 '10 at 22:05
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As a first consideration, since it sounds like you want to migrate your work email to a web solution, you should consider whether your company has policies against making internal emails available outside the corporate network. If you regularly communicate sensitive information or trade secrets, you have to accepts that by outsourcing your mail infrastructure (even if it's just for your own mailbox), you are making it easier to access those secrets by people outside the company.

That aside, my university uses RoundCube for email. While not as good as GMail, it's not bad either. It looks like it supports IMAP access.

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