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This option in firefox does not work for many, I read. But at least it did not asks me if I want to close all tabs. Now after the recent update, it asks me every time, even when I disable this option.

I use in imacro TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS command, and now the macro can't go on because of this confirm box.

Is there any way to disable this?

Thank you in advance

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I made a quick workaround by using greasemonkey and window.close command. Still would be nice to find this out, i'll take a look there thank you – user1087832 Oct 18 '12 at 9:18

In Firefox 26.0 the annoying warning on closing multiple tabs appeared for "me too" so this still seems to be a source of frustration...

What fixed it for me:

  1. Browsed to the magic about:config page.
  2. Searched for options containing "warnOnClose".
  3. Set both these options to false:

    browser.tabs.warnOnClose           false
    browser.tabs.warnOnCloseOtherTabs  false

What did not fix it for me:

Unchecking the preference checkbox:

    Edit > Preferences > Tabs > Warn me when closing multiple tabs

Resetting Firefox:

    Help > Troubleshooting Information > Reset Firefox
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yes, marking browser.tabs.warnOnClose = true worked for me, thanks! – Edward Tanguay Jun 12 '14 at 15:33
This is still not working in Firefox 31 on a Mac. The preferences setting makes browser.tabs.warnOnClose false but has no effect on browser.tabs.warnOnCloseOtherTabs. But editing about:config does work. Thanks! – emrys57 Aug 21 '14 at 9:49

It is fixed now. Try the latest version of Firefox (16.0.1 as of the time I write this post).

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I have 16.0.2 and it's not fixed yet. – Saeb Nov 16 '12 at 9:05
Strange. It works fine for me. What OS do you have? (I'm not sure this is necessary to know, but...) – BenjiWiebe Nov 16 '12 at 14:33
Windows 7 ultimate 64. The only way I could get rid of the problem was by installing the Tab Mix Plus extension. – Saeb Nov 17 '12 at 8:38

Get the Tab Mix Plus extension. That's how I got rid of it when nothing else worked.

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This is annoying.

According to

it was changed the way that the dialog always comes - regardless of the option in Preferences->Tabs->"Warn me when closing multiplbe tabs".

It is said that it'll be fixed in a later version.

In the meantime you may use the "Close All Tabls (Reloaded)" addon.

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get rid of the annoying tabs all together! unter tools - optons- tabs: uncheck all but warn me if new tab would slow down ffx. solved all my tab problems by having them gone.IZ

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