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Below is my forfiles one-liner:

FORFILES /P "X:\LOGS\HS" /S /M *.log  /D -1 /C "CMD /C del /Q @FILE"qq ~q

Although I have the /S option to delete log files in X:\LOGS\HS, there are several subdirectories and it is not deleting log files further down the tree. How can I resolve this?

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I would put it down to spaces in the file/path name


FORFILES /P "X:\LOGS\HS" /S /M *.log  /D -1 /C "CMD /C del /Q @FILE"qq ~q

encounters X:\LOGS\HS\My Folder\Stuff.log, it will pass it to the del command as

del X:\LOGS\HS\My Folder\Stuff.log

where del will then try to remove the files X:\LOGS\HS\My and Folder\Stuff.log

To overcome this, you have to give the system some quotes to wrap the file name in.

FORFILES /P "X:\LOGS\HS" /S /M *.log  /D -1 /C "CMD /C del /Q ""@FILE"""qq ~q

should give you a little more success

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