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My desktop computer was making too much noise.. I guess it was CPU fan because graphic card fan and case fan was normal. I checked cpu usage in task manager and was so surprised that officestarter2013.exe was using 78% of cpu even though I did not even start office after booting. After ending that process, noise disappeared. Now I have only normal level of noise. How could it happen? Is it a kind of virus? The office suite is office 2013 preview version.

My system is OS : Windows 7 professional service pack 1 (32-bit) CPU : core i5-2500 @ 3.3GHz RAM : 8GB (but 3.24GB usable) It is HP Small form factor.

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Go to options > Advanced > Scroll Down to display settings > untick GPU settings

That should do the trick.

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Go to options > Advanced > Scroll Down to display settings > check the disable hardware graphics acceleration box

all your problems will be solved tested on Window 7

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