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Under Firefox (Firefox 3.6 and Iceweasel 10.0.9), my Iso_level3_shift key (= "Alt Gr" key) is not working. That means that on my azerty keyboard, I can't press some characters like @, |, and so on, what is pretty annoying (I have to copy/paste from another window to enter it in Firefox).

More information :

  • This key is not working ONLY in Firefox (and in two different versions of Firefox), it works perfectly in another applications
  • It doesn't work even with no modules installed
  • It works perfectly on another computers with the same configuration (Debian testing, same keymap), and never worked on this computer (a MacBook Pro (I didn't choose ...))
  • I use an .Xmodmap file, but it doesn't work even if I deactivate it (and I use the same file on another computers on which Firefox works fine)

Configuration :

  • MacBook Pro 9.1 (mid-2012) with Debian testing (wheezy)
  • Iceweasel 10.0.9 (tested also on Firefox 3.6.28)

Do you have any advices / insights on what could be causing the problem ? Thanks in advance !

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