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In an effort further automate all the little computer house keeping tasks that can waste my time I am looking into BitTorrent clients that have the ability to script common tasks. I've done some Googling and it looks like Transmission might have some of said such capabilities, but there site wasn't very clear on the details.

Things I am looking to do;

  • Prioritize and label torrents based on trackers
  • Set seed length based on trackers and filesize
  • Set additional seed time when a torrent's seed time expires based on a number of factors, like time spent seeding, remaining disk space and ratio.
  • Move torrents to appropriate places post seeding based on labels and tracker

Basically, while I could Python or Bash script things like moving torrents around and other simple actions, I need away to talk to the client to figure out things like the torrent seed time, tracker, labels, filesize, etc.

Is there any client out there that would allow me to all or a subset these actions?

I have access to Linux, Mac and Windows and am not tied to any particular torrent client. I am a programmer so I have no problems writing scripts, but examples of torrent scripting would also be helpful.

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In response to the close requests, could you elaborate on how this is question is not constructive? I am not asking for the 'best' scriptable client, just which clients are scriptable and if their capabilities would match what I've listed above. I would also appreciate a chance to update the question based on constructive criticism before it is closed. –  James McMahon Oct 19 '12 at 20:02
Gee thanks guys.... –  James McMahon Oct 19 '12 at 21:50
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rTorrent can be scripted in some ways via its configuration file. You can call functions or even shell commands depending on some situations that occur. It is a quite hard to grasp however and you will need to do a lot of digging around to see if everything that you want to do is possible. (I don't have needs this complex myself) You can find a few examples of what configuring it is like on its wiki

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µTorrent is a Windows based uTorrent client which has a well documented API that can be used to control most aspects of the client.

There is also a wrapper for .NET developers, some examples using VBScript and a Perl module too.

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