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I want to create a calculated field BookCnt_Diff which would be row1-row2 and if RPT DT = grand total then 0.. this data is the result of a query which looks back 6 months so I want to be able to refresh the data monthly. I would also want the same Diff column for Shelf_cnt preferably between the originals


 Rpt Dt           Book_Cnt     BookCnt_Diff       Shelf_Cnt 

 09/01/2012       5,604,552     15037            9,119,375 
 08/01/2012       5,589,515                      9,096,615 
 07/01/2012       5,576,289                      9,077,553 
 06/01/2012       5,590,771                      9,069,373 
 05/01/2012       5,586,510                      9,060,378 
 04/01/2012       5,572,887                      9,035,119 
 Grand Total     33,520,524                     54,458,413 

On top of that when trying to get the getpivotdata to work the way I want so far was impossible... and m$ unhelp is so useful thanks

Not from OP: Perhaps a help in showing result required:

SU490037 example

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Please edit your question to clarify what you ask. Its a little confusing. I understand you are trying to create a column which calculates the difference from month to month of BookCnt, but what does RPT DT=grand total then 0 mean? Have you already created the pivot table before the data was ready? – CharlieRB Oct 19 '12 at 19:27
@CharlieRB Threw me at first but I think the RPT ... bit just means that in the cell between 33,520,524 and 54,458,413 s/he wants "0" - whereas cell above that would be -27,947,637 (though that's probably intended to be zero also - or blank). – pnuts Nov 27 '12 at 15:10

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