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I want view man pages in Russian. Is it possible to do this? If yes, what do I need to do? Can I install it just using apt-get? I tried to google, but didn't find an answer.

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.1.

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man supports multiple languages, as long as the manpage you want to see has that language included.

First, check if you have a russian locale generated. Do locale -a and see if you get a russian one, for example ru_RU.utf8. If you don't, edit /etc/locale.gen as root, un-comment the one you want and run locale-gen as root.

You will then be able to ask for a manpage in russian with

LANG=ru_RU.utf8 man man

provided that ru_RU.utf8 is returned by locale -a.

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Doesn't work on Ubuntu 15.10, use man -Lru [name]<ref>…; instead. – Karl Richter Dec 23 '15 at 15:24

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