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I have the following: I have a server running linux and samba. I have a Win XP Pro laptop that should access files via samba. The username on the laptop and teh samba server are different. Therefore I have to log in as different user when I want to connect to samba.

This works so far. Now I want to save my username/password on the laptop as I am the only one using it. I found out where to put things (see; I am asked for server, username and password by windows.

For the server I give the IP of the server, right? Or do I need a literal name to look up?

What name have I to give? Win wants a domain within it and I do not know which one I have to give. The samba server does not act as a domain controller. So the question is: What is correct here?


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For server name you may give its host name or netbios name or ip address.

As your samba server is not participating in an NT Domain, for user name instead of domain specify the server_netbios_name\username

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