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One of the slowest things I have to do when typing is use the arrow keys. I know a lot of hardcore programmers use vim when writing programs and that h, j, k, and l are used to move the cursor, but that doesn't work for 99% of programs.

My problem with the arrow keys is that I can't reach them from the position my hands are normally in on the keyboard, so I need to move them and then move them back. The other problem is that the arrow keys happen to be in completely different places on EVERY keyboard. Switching between their placement in the keyboard at work and the one at home is becoming a pain.

Are there any keyboards that address this issue, or even some tricks to use on normal keyboards?

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I slide my right hand down and tilt my right hand a bit. infact, if i rest my arm on the table, the table grips my arm skin a bit, but there's enough skin that i can move my arm around a bit. I can use the arrow keys in a relaxed manner. strange but it has never bothered me. And as far as speed is concerned. Nobody types and uses the arrow keys simultaneously. So you can't get much quicker. You type with both hands, then a finger of the right hand holds an arrow key and moves back and typing continues, and the slowness is you can't type and use the arrow keys, but you couldn't anyway. – barlop Oct 21 '12 at 2:33