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I recently stumbled upon nethack while searching for linux games, and I must say it is amazing. As a result, I also found about BSDgames and have played most of the games in there. Are there any other linux terminal games such as nethack out there which are rather fun to play?

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And the fascination with old-tech computer games continues!

I'm old enough to remember when this kind of game was cutting edge. Back around 1978, interacting with a computer usually mean using a character terminal (like the VT100 that XTerm emulates) connected to time-shared central computer, usually running UNIX. There were a lot of different terminals using different escape codes, so the curses library was invented so that programmers would have a terminal-independent API.

Aside from Rogue and its open-source derivitive Nethack, few early curses-based games were all that interesting. But 30+ years later game designers are still in love with the API.

And if curses games aren't retro enough for you, check out Adventure, a game where the command line is your input device and your imagination is your graphics adapter. This game spawned a whole genre.

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There are.

And that's just similar to NetHack. If you're looking for more terminal games, the BSD games is obviously a great place to start, but there were quite a few. There's the whole genre of interactive fiction for example.

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