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I have a very long worksheet list with contact information of various companies and I need to create usernames for them, so I would use the middle part of their website URL for those. For example, in cell B1 I have and I want to copy the yourdomain part to cell A1.

Many websites may have a different top-level domain than .com, but all of them start with 'www.', in the case of '' I would only need the 'yourdomain' part, so from the first dot till the next dot.

Is there a function to accomplish this?

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Not tested in OpenOffice but the following should work and may tide you over until better answers are offered. Use the formula in A1 as shown (copy down as necessary):

SU490624 example

The formula is a little convoluted, so I have shown a way to build it up piece by piece which may also be a help in explaining it.

[Assumes a maximum initial string length of about 50 characters.]

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