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I am trying to run the Windows App Cert Kit (Edit: on my local machine)and am getting two entries for one of my apps. This could be because of something I did a while ago - however - I cant figure out how to uninstall that other app.

When I type the name of the app on the start screen, I get just one item listed (which is the kosher app, not the ghost app)

Where is information about such apps kept and how do I "clean" it?

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You can use PowerShell to manage your apps! Try this:

Get-Command -module appx /* gets the commands you can use to manipulate win8 apps */
Get-AppxPackage * | ft name /* lists the names of all apps installed on the machine */
Remove-AppxPackage 'NameOfApp' /* removes the app */
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As far as I know, the only place in which you can edit these kind of information is Dashboard in Microsoft Dev-Center, available here.

Probably, the correct app is a "published app" while the ghost app is a "in development app".

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Added a clarification - this is running on my local machine. – Shahar Prish Oct 21 '12 at 14:10

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