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I want to reset all my MS-Word "Styles" to their default settings; i.e. fonts, sizes, spacing, etc. There doesn't seem to be an option to do this in the "Styles" panel. Is there any other way to do this?

I have attached an image of my "Style" page below.

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If you are talking about for a particular document, you can use the organiser (Organiser... button from your screenshot) to copy styles between the style-set for the current document and the global defaults stored in Normal.dotm.

According to the article in the link below, the Normal.dotm must exist and when deleted, Office restores it. So to restore global defaults, the suggestion of deleting Normal.dotm seems like a logical solution. Simply:

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Office/User\ Templates/Normal.dotm

from the terminal works.

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I'm not telling you this from experience, but internet research. See if you can find a file called "Normal" in Documents/Microsoft User Data. Deleting that should reset the default style.

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