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I have data of the following format that I want to input into LibreOffice Calc:

data | num | num | num | num

For some reason LibreOffice does not think the string "3214 " is a number by default (trailing white space).

I want to replace (\s)*| with |, where \s stands for space and * for the Kleene star operation. And do this at multiple places in each line (all matches).

I tried:

sed -i 's/(\s)*|/|/' DataStats0914.txt

But it has no effect. What am I doing wrong?

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Is another way to phrase this to just delete all whitespace? In that case, just a comment on the right tool for the right job: tr -d ' ' < DataStats0914.txt > DataStats0914.txt.modified. – Daniel Andersson Oct 22 '12 at 9:00
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This will do it.

sed 's/ *|/|/g'
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