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How can I combine two fonts in one automatically, so glyphs that are not available in first font, but available in second one can be merged into first font?

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This is an easy task with fontforge.

First, you want to open the font with the missing glyphs and select Element -> Merge Fonts. In this example, the glyphs for E and F are the ones missing. Element->Merge Fonts

Select the font from which you want to pull glyphs. You will be asked whether you want to keep the existing kerning; you most likely want to select No here, but if you get strange results close fontforge and try again with Yes.Kerning dialog

The missing glyphs should be added in a few moments:Result in main fontforge window

Finally, do File -> Generate Fonts and export your font to a desired location.

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I have hundreds of ttf files to merge. Is there a command-line for that? – user2284570 Oct 22 '14 at 20:26

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