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I am getting a new monitor and I am wondering if there is a way to keep my old one and go to 3 monitors. (I have 2 now.)

My laptop/docking station only supports 2 monitors, so any solution would have to have to not rely on the video card having 3 ports.

Software, external hardware? I do have access to an extra machine I am not using if that helps. (Maybe there is some way to make the extra machine be a slave video driver?)

Any ideas?

My laptop specs are: Dell, XP, Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, 4GB Ram, 250 GB HD (SSD), Nvidia Quadro FX 4800m

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USB to DVI External Video Card, High Resolution, 1600 x 1200

alt text

That should do and the price is reasonable.

If you have a spare computer, you may use ZoneScreen to clone or extend the display of your laptop to another computer. over a network connection.

ZoneScreen is freeware.

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Molly, have you had good luck with ZoneScreen? I haven't tried for a couple years, but last I did it was disappointing for performance. – Chris_K Sep 30 '09 at 17:51
works fine for me, doesn't conflict with Synergy which i'm also using. however, don't expect miracles from such a solution in terms of speed, they're by no means a substitute for a real graphics card. for serious work i'd choose the external graphics adapter. – Molly7244 Sep 30 '09 at 18:01

If you want to use the extra PC, look into MaxiVista.

MaxiVista turns any spare Desktop, Laptop or Netbook PC into a dual monitor for your primary computer. No extra multi monitor hardware is required. Simply extend program windows across multiple screens as if it were one big monitor. Increase your productivity by using multiple monitors.

Now with Windows 32/64 Bit Vista and Windows 7 support.

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