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Since I'm running XP/32-bit, my GPU drivers are quite fragile. I've spent several hours trying to back up and restore from old versions, on at least two separate occasions.

Writing down the device drivers is not enough. In the short term, I would like to somehow save, zip, backup, snapshot, or something so that if I need to reinstall my OS in the short-term, I have a reliable way to get the drivers.

ATI's website doesn't have the install kit anymore, and I don't have it saved; I googled, but didn't find the exact same version.

How can I backup/save my drivers so that I can reinstall them later?

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Just save the installation package. You will need to find a mirrior for the time being. – Ramhound Oct 22 '12 at 11:55
@Ramhound as I said, I don't have the installer, nor can I find the exact same version of that installer on the web. – ashes999 Oct 22 '12 at 19:56
I don't have the installer What about the CD? Do you still have that? • Nor can I find the exact same version of that installer on the web Can’t you use a newer one? Even for discontinued products, they keep and make available at least the last supported/released driver. • It would be helpful if you specified what video-card you have. – Synetech Oct 25 '12 at 17:12

If I understood you properly, you are looking for older driver versions, if so, you can find them here: Previous Catalyst™ Drivers for Windows XP

And the SDK: AMD APP SDK Download Archive

You can store them on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. so you always have access to them.

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