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I'm not dealing with 1-50 KB JPEGs, but 150-250+ MB psd files for various websites, and I'd like to keep track of the versions with a VCS.

If anyone has real world experience with such a scenario, could you please share? Which version control program do you use, and how is the binary support? How many files do you deal with on a day to day basis? What type of hosting do you use?

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I have to say I mostly sill revision control text. I strive to get as much information in text format as I can. That said, I have used svn to control binary data files for years. No personal experience with your file format, but recently I've been mucking about alot in excel & access and especially for the access files they got quite large. 50MB was typical. TortoiseSVN has a very nice windows svn interface and and NautilusSVN is the linux/gnome equivalent.

The thing I like about revision control of excel files with TortoiseSVN will show you your differences between 2 excel files side by side. Handy when you need it.

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I believe svn out of all the ones you listed handles binary files the best so far. See

However, all of the new VCSes should be able to handle your workflow, so it's really a matter of choice.

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