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There was a keyboard macro I saw once for writing HTML (and perhaps XML), so that if you typed something like:

it would turn that into something like:

<a class="foo" id="bar">

I think it was an Emacs package, but it may have been for Textmate or some other editor. (I don't think it was a command-line utility: I know about HAML, which is neat, but that's not it. The expansion happened right away, not after running a command.)

Can anyone find this for me? Typing in variations and combinations of "emacs", "macro", and "html" in google just isn't working very well for me today. Thanks!

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Sounds like Zen Coding, which uses CSS-style shorthand for writing HTML, and is available as a plug-in for various text editors.

See the official site for more information and downloads.

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That's the one! Thanks! – Ken Oct 22 '12 at 18:43

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