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I run with javascript disabled by default and I whitelist sites like superuser or gmail as needed. Sometimes though, a blog that I'll never read again requires js to get anything more than a blank page (argh). It doesn't make sense that I should have to put a permanent whitelist entry when I'll never visit that site again and just want to read a blog post.

Is there a way to "run all javascript this time" akin to how it's done for plugins? Is there an extension that manages javascript whitelisting?

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Check out ScriptNo in the chrome store. The extension makes managing a JavaScript whitelist much easier and includes the allow scripts for this session feature.

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Thanks for the suggestion, it looks like a very complete extension with a lot of features. But, it seems to ignore all of my existing whitelisting. I'd rather have something that works with Chrome's list rather than sits over top of it. I might make the switch if nothing else comes about. – jjt Oct 22 '12 at 20:46

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