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Is there a way to make LibreOffice automatically highlight certain words in some color?

I often write "todo" in files to remind me to come back later and finish something up, etc.

It would be very convenient if LibreOffice highlighted all occurences of todo in a document automatically in red so that I could easily spot the todos without having to search.

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What your asking can be easily done in Notepad++, with a user defined language (UDL). In LibreOffice this is a little more complicated, but I have a solution.

Load your document in LibreOffice Writer, then click Edit --> Find & Replace from the drop down menu, enter todo as the search criteria, and click Find All.

LibreOffice Writer highlight reoccurring words

From there you can apply a style to the highlighted words. Going further still you could record these actions in a macro, which would be triggered at every save point - using an Event Driven Macro. Also you'd probably then need to add something into the Macro to deselect all the todo keywords, making it easier to continue once the macro has been ran.

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