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I use Outlook 2010 to keep track of a couple of (company-internal) RSS feeds, but they've been moved to a different location (basically, from http:// to https://)

Is there a way to change the RSS source/"location" in Outlook? I've been googling around and I haven't found a way.

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Unfortunately, there is not. This is very similar to this question, but a different version. The answer is the same.

Going to File > Info > Account Settings > RSS Feeds Tab the only choices to change are to modify the folder name, location and download options.

It would be less hassle to add a new feed with the updated address than to find a way to modify it.

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In the end, the way I solved it was to create a new feed with the new address/URL and to move the existing elements from the old feed into the new one. That said, I believe this is a "bug" in Outlook...

Thanks for the confirmation, though.

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