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On my Lenovo laptop, running windows 7, I has got a prompt saying that, the system has noticed I am mainly using adapter, therefore I should keep the battery half charged. It justified the recommendation by saying that trying to overcharge battery reduces life time.

Occasionally I need to use my laptop on the go (that's why I bought a laptop) but I can't for the life of me find and disable this program setting, so now I am stuck with 59% potential power at best. Does anyone know how to change this setting?

I have tried the obvious i.e. search through Control Panel -> Power Settings but it seems I can't find how/where to disable this feature.

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Now who would risk wasting your time! –  AbhishekGirish Oct 24 '12 at 5:58

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Do you have Lenovo Power Manager already installed? I'm presuming the message you got came from this.

Open the Lenovo Power Manager, click on the Battery tab, and then click the "Battery Maintenance" button. This opens the Battery Maintenance window, where you should be able to adjust the charge mode settings -- including setting it to always fully charge.

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